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About Us

The National Alliance for Safety & Health in Healthcare (NASHH) was established in February 2016 to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries on the frontline of health and seniors care in Canada. Comprised of seven provincial senior care safety associations* representing nurses, care aides and other care providers, we support workplace safety best practices and fostering a culture of safety in healthcare with a common focus on long-term and home care.

We represent healthcare employers with an annual budget of over $7 billion. Canada’s growing long-term care sector has some of the highest workplace injury rates in the country – in some provinces, more than four-times the rate of other sectors. We are ready to collaborate with governments, health authorities and other stakeholders to address safety issues in hospitals, long-term care facilities and home care.

*Read our Memorandum of Understanding here.

Workplace Injury Statistics


2014/2015 data

  • * SK data includes costs on all claims (not just time-loss).

  • ** MB data includes only selected long-term care facilities.

  • *** the year-to-date number of equivalent full working days lost authorized for all claims regardless of accident date, having temporary benefits charged against a firm which are captured at the firm CU level and rolled up at any level within the class hierarchy for given calendar year.

  • **** ONT data includes both time-loss and health care-only claims.

  • ***** QC data includes long-term care facilities only.



  • Alberta Continuing Care Safety Association

    The Alberta Continuing Care Safety Association (CCSA) provides industry-specific health and safety training to the Alberta continuing care sector. By assisting members in implementing health and safety training programs, the CCSA aims to lower incidences of workplace injury, enabling employers to save on WCB premiums, reduce injury costs, increase efficiency, and improve the overall long-term well being of employees.

    Executive Director

    Bruce McDonald

  • Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health

    The Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health (SASWH) is a non-profit association representing health services workers and employers. Established March 12, 2010, SASWH’s mission is to support and guide the health related industry in the elimination and prevention of workplace illness and injury.  This is achieved through the effective application of the Provincial Healthcare Safety Management System.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sandra Cripps

  • SafeCare BC

    Established in 2013, SafeCare BC (SCBC) is an industry funded, non-profit society working to ensure injury free, safe working conditions for long term care (LTC) workers in BC. SafeCare strives to be the industry leader in advancing injury prevention and safety training for LTC workers.

    SCBC provides its members with cost effective training, educational services, and industry safety performance information as well as communicates government health and safety legislation and policies which impacts its members.

    Executive Director

    Jennifer Lyle

  • Public Services Health & Safety Association

    The Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA), provides training, consulting and resources to more than 10,000 organizations and over 1.6 million workers across Ontario’s education and culture, community and healthcare, municipal and provincial government and emergency services sectors to reduce workplace risks and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

    From eLearning to regional instructor-led training, PSHSA offers effective solutions to make organizations healthier and safer places to work

    Executive Director, Health and Community Services

    Henrietta Van hulle

  • New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association

    The New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association (NBCCSA) was established in 2014. Initial NBCCSA efforts have focused on reversing higher than average workplace injury trends in nursing homes through measures that include training, consultation and an innovative peer group pilot.

    Executive Director

    Denise Paradis

  • AWARE-NS (Nova Scotia Health and Community Services Safety Association)

    AWARE-NS (Nova Scotia Health and Community Services Safety Association)  was founded to reverse the trend of injuries and illness within the health and community service sector through leadership, stakeholder engagement, and effective OHS program training and development. AWARE-NS offers resources and information for Safe Resident Handling and Mobility (SRHM, SRHM for CCA Program Educators, Soteria Strains, and Workplace Violence Prevention.

    Executive Director

    Susan Dempsey

  • The Quebec Joint Health and Safety Association for the Healthcare Sector 

    The Quebec Joint Health and Safety Association for the Healthcare Sector (ASSTSAS) is exclusively dedicated to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases in the health and social services sector. Created in 1979 under the Health and Safety Act (OHS), it is a non-profit organization that provides information, training, technical assistance and research and development in occupational health and safety.

    Executive Director

    Diane Parent


  • SafeCare BC Be Care Aware Campaign

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    - Who's Taking Care of You? Tell us how you take care of yourself, or how your work team takes care of one another.
  • New Website for Ontario Healthcare Violence Prevention Initiatives

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    - Find tools and resources for the Ontario healthcare sector
  • A plan to reverse labour shortages for seniors care

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    - Opinion article in the Vancouver Sun by the CEO of the B.C. Care Providers Association
  • September is Continuing Care Month in Nova Scotia

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    - The 14th Annual Health Association Nova Scotia sponsored Continuing Care Month officially kicked off on September 1, 2017 with the launch of the campaign, “Continuing Care - Your Home, Our Passion.”
  • PSHSA’s 2017 Annual General Meeting

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    - PSHSA’s AGM will be taking place September 21 from 9:00am – 11:00am at the Holiday Inn Toronto - Yorkdale.
  • Review of Workplace Health and Safety in Alberta

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    - The Government of Alberta is launching a review of the province’s occupational health and safety system to improve workplace safety and better protect Albertans.
  • Caregivers in Distress: A Growing Problem

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    - BC Office of the Seniors Advocate releases report on caregiver distress
  • Healthcare workers victims of physical violence more now than ever before

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    - NASHH members quoted in Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine on the alarming rates of workplace violence in healthcare
  • SafeCare BC: Injury rates show promising downward trend

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    - The injury rate for long-term care workers in BC shows a very promising downward trend.
  • SafeCare BC Interview on CFAX 1070

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    - Listen to Jennifer Lyle, executive director of SafeCare BC, speak with CFAX 1070 about workplace health and safety for continuing care workers.
  • Opinion: Workplace injuries in B.C. continuing care sector accounts for reduced services

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    - Vancouver Sun op-ed by NASHH member SafeCare B.C.
  • CBC: Sask. health staff top list of violently injured workers

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    - WCB, Association of Safe Workplaces in Health launch effort to curb number of incidents
  • Regina Leader-Post: Violence is the fifth highest cause of workplace injuries in Saskatchewan

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    - NASHH member Saskatchewan Association of Safe Workplaces in Health (SASWH) and the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board announced a province-wide initiative to address it.
  • April 28 – Day of Mourning

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    - Day of Mourning for those that lost their life or were injured on the job.
  • Op-ed: National strategy needed to improve healthcare safety

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    - Op-ed published in the Regina Leader Post.
  • Vancouver Sun op-ed: New B.C. seniors’ care spending must address staffing

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    - NASHH's op-ed calling for a national staffing strategy for seniors' care.
  • Workplace Bullying Part II – OOHNA Spring/Summer Journal Edition

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    - Public Services Health & Safety Association (April 21, 2016)
  • Nova Scotia Health & Community Services Safety Association Board Recruitment

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  • Regional Seminars: A Few Days Left to Register

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  • SafeCare BC Hosts Second Violence Prevention Workshop of 2016 in Kelowna

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  • Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health (SASWH) Annual General Meeting and Conference Summary

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