AWARE-NS (Nova Scotia Health and Community Services Safety Association)

AWARE-NS (Nova Scotia Health and Community Services Safety Association)  was founded to reverse the trend of injuries and illness within the health and community service sector through leadership, stakeholder engagement, and effective OHS program training and development. AWARE-NS offers resources and information for Safe Resident Handling and Mobility (SRHM, SRHM for CCA Program Educators, Soteria Strains, and Workplace Violence Prevention.

Public Services Health & Safety Association

The Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA), provides training, consulting and resources to more than 10,000 organizations and over 1.6 million workers across Ontario’s education and culture, community and healthcare, municipal and provincial government and emergency services sectors to reduce workplace risks and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

From eLearning to regional instructor-led training, PSHSA offers effective solutions to make organizations healthier and safer places to work

SafeCare BC

Established in 2013, SafeCare BC (SCBC) is an industry funded, non-profit society working to ensure injury free, safe working conditions for long term care (LTC) workers in BC. SafeCare strives to be the industry leader in advancing injury prevention and safety training for LTC workers.

SCBC provides its members with cost effective training, educational services, and industry safety performance information as well as communicates government health and safety legislation and policies which impacts its members.

Alberta Continuing Care Safety Association

The Alberta Continuing Care Safety Association (CCSA) provides industry-specific health and safety training to the Alberta continuing care sector. By assisting members in implementing health and safety training programs, the CCSA aims to lower incidences of workplace injury, enabling employers to save on WCB premiums, reduce injury costs, increase efficiency, and improve the overall long-term well being of employees.